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Smile Better with All On 4 Implants and Full Arch Restoration

Nearly 50% of adults have at least one missing tooth, and 1 out of 5 individuals over age 65 are missing all or most of them.

But healthy teeth are something that everyone depends on, not just for our self-confidence, but to communicate in social settings and maintain a balanced diet. Without a healthy dentition (set of teeth) it’s nearly impossible to take in the number of calories and nutrients that our body depends on to stay healthy.

For individuals affected by edentulism (complete tooth loss) the traditional solution has always been wearing dentures. Unfortunately, these “plates” don’t offer the same comfort and stability of natural teeth. In fact, biting forces are reduced to a fraction of what they were with a healthy bite before tooth loss.

Thankfully, modern dental implant therapies like All-on-4 treatments and full arch restoration have changed that.

Why Implants?

Dental implants are designed to mimic the shape of natural teeth. They feel, function, and look more like an anatomical tooth than any other type of restorative treatment. Compared to wearing removable dentures, implants offer:

  • A permanent restoration that isn’t removed at night

  • Greater biting forces, for efficient nutrition

  • Better durability

  • Longer lasting results

  • Options for individual or multiple teeth, or full mouth reconstruction

  • A biocompatible option that enhances the oral anatomy around it

  • Easier speech and improved self-confidence

The All on 4 Implant Approach

When all of the teeth are missing, we can use a fixed prosthesis to replace the upper or lower arch at one time. Known as “all on 4 implant” treatment, this restoration is a hybrid design that meshes features of a slim denture with an extended dental bridge. The “U” shaped restoration follows the contour of the jaw, covering only the areas where natural teeth would be. This frees up extra space in the roof of the mouth, making it easier to speak and eat with.

The reason this treatment is called an “all on 4” is because the entire hybrid denture rests on as few as four dental implants. Each implant is strategically placed in the jaw, permanently affixing the prosthesis into place. It’s not removable like a traditional plate would be.


Because implants are extremely durable, they can support more weight than a healthy, natural tooth. As such, fewer of them are necessary to support a full arch prosthesis.


Full Arch Restoration in Lafayette


In some cases, it’s better to individually map out full arch restoration rather than place a single extended prosthesis. For instance, you may be able to retain 2-3 natural teeth. Instead of extracting them, we can place an implant supported bridge on either side, allowing you to restore the entire arch without removing healthy teeth. A combination of implants and porcelain bridges or crowns can be used to restore your smile’s function and beauty all at the same time.


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