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Finding the Best Jaw Surgeon

best jaw surgeon dr curt hayes

Whether you’ve suffered from a car accident or have struggled with severe TMJ disorder for years, seeing a specialist that understands the jaw joint better than anyone else is key when it comes to a successful treatment and outcome.

What should you look for to find the best jaw surgeon? Here are some tips to get you started.

A Surgeon That Specializes in Orofacial Anatomy

Local hospitals are staffed with well-qualified general surgeons. But when you need an operation on an area of your body — such as your hand or your face — you want someone who specializes in that particular location and its associated joints (not someone who is operating on knees one day and shoulders the next.)

An orofacial and maxillofacial surgeon is a specialist with two years of additional medical surgery experience on the jaws and face (on top of four years of dental school.) They’re experts when it comes to jaw surgery and TMJ therapy, because it’s one of the key areas that they work on. Specialists like Dr. Curt Hayes have handled thousands of similar cases, making them the best choice for a jaw surgeon.

An Office with Sedation Options

Jaw surgery can be quite complex. You deserve to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process. The best jaw surgeon will have access to in-house sedation and anesthesia options to keep patients safe and relaxed.

At Coal Creek Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center, we incorporate both lighter forms of sedatives as well as deeper IV anesthesia for the most predictable (and safe) solution for comfort, anxiety, and dental phobia.

Jaw Surgery Experience

When it’s time to interview specialists, the best jaw surgeon will have extensive experience and handled similar cases to yours. Whether you’ve had a broken jaw, require orthognathic correction for your orthodontic therapy, need wisdom teeth removed, or something else, it’s reassuring to know you’re not one of the first cases that they’ve handled. Your best jaw surgeon will have cases just like yours that they treat each month. It’s fine to ask them how many they’ve completed over their numerous years of practice!

Someone Committed to Your Wellbeing

You need an expert that’s there to watch out for you before, during, and after surgery. From the length of time you need for recovery to choosing the type of medications for managing any post-operative discomfort, an experienced jaw surgeon will know what’s normal and works best.

Dr. Curt Hayes is a leader when it comes to the way we minimize discomfort following oral or jaw surgery. Instead of relying on opioids, he changes the way he performs the surgery and the type of medication used. One such example is Exparel, a non-narcotic pain reliever that limits swelling (the primary cause of pain) to improve how quickly our patients recover and get back to work.

Looking for the Best Jaw Surgeon?

From orofacial trauma repair to TMJ surgery, 5280 Magazine has named Dr. Curt Hayes one of Denver’s best. Call our Lafayette oral surgery center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hayes, today!