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We are proud to let you know that this is an opioid-reducing office. What does that mean for you?  Simply put, if you want pain management for oral or face and jaw surgery that doesn’t involve opioids,  we have an option for you. The solution we offer—non-opioid EXPAREL—provides continuous long lasting pain relief through the critical few days after surgery. 

EXPAREL is injected during surgery while you’re still numb, and it works directly where you have your  surgery to provide extended pain relief before you feel any postsurgical pain. Unlike opioids, which  affect your whole body, EXPAREL provides targeted pain relief. More importantly, EXPAREL does not contain narcotics and is not addictive. It is also safe for a pediatric population. 

We appreciate that not everyone wants opioids to manage their pain. Talk to us about non-opioid  EXPAREL for pain management and visit EXPAREL.com/patient to learn more. 




See how Dr. Hayes is doing his part to help slow the national opioid epidemic crisis PDF.

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